Monday, January 27, 2014

Ray's Cafe' by Ray West & OC

     To some, this record was highly anticipated prior to release. To others, this album may be virtually unknown. To the community of Indie Hip-Hop aficionados, the pairing of Ray West and OC is simply a match made in Hip-Hop heaven. As far as EPs go, it will be hard to top this one, keep in mind that it's only January and such high praise can already be given to Ray's Cafe'.

     Ray West, in my mind, is the Miles Davis of Hip-Hop. Like Miles, he continues to push boundaries of music and soundscapes, all while staying in his realm of creating smooth, calm and wonderful masterpieces of production. West is noted for his thematic beats, and much like the title suggests, this project takes place in a jazz cafe' where you sit back and enjoy the lovely tunes being played. West did an exceptional job at capturing the mood and vibe of 70's style jazz, all while adding his own zest of Hip-Hop into the mixture. Enough can't be said on the production on Ray's Cafe'.

     If Ray West is Miles Davis, then consider OC John Coltrane on the early Prestige records of Cookin', Relaxin', Steamin' and Workin' With the Miles Davis Quintet. OC is obviously much more seasoned in his career in comparison to Coltrane at the time those records were made, but like Coltrane, OC adds an outstanding element to the creation's of Ray West. OC fits the part of rhyming over soft, smokey beats and presenting more than just a good flow. He gives us thought provoking lyrics that will soothe your ears. When producers make beats that sound as if no emcee should rhyme over them (which West does), it's always a hit or miss when an artist puts his mark vocally on the track. I can say that OC wasn't the right man for this particular task of spitting over the beats of Ray West...he was the PERFECT man for the task. 

     Ray's Cafe' is an instant staple in the history books of Indie Hip-Hop. That being said, it will not reach as many people as it should (everyone) but sometimes that's just how the cookie crumbles. My only hope is that my expressed words get to OC & Ray West so that they can see how truly appreciated and respected they are as artists. Hopefully more of this duo will be heard in the future, but for now, marinate on an outstanding EP that is Ray's Cafe'.

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