Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mini Reviews #4

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Single of the Week

Rapper Jus Daze presents his lead single "I Made It" off his latest album Walk Twice As Hard. This single is an upbeat banger that features former WWE Wrestler MVP (Monetl Vontavious Porter), and Devo D. Jus Daze is a very well rounded emcee who creates all forms of hip-hop. From his lyrical stories to a track like this one, which is a fun upbeat and lively track Jus Daze has it all. Daze told me that this track was made within 24 hours. You'd never guess it by the quality of the track. Daze has been featured on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and is a really genuine guy. Jus Daze is the kind of artist you want to support and the guy you pull for. His handicaps don't hold him back, he says you just have to walk twice as hard, thus the name of the album. Download I Made It here, and check out more music by Jus Daze here.
*Check out the video of Jus Daze on Jimmy Fallon here

*Be on the look out for the full review on Walk Twice As Hard

 Album of the Week

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Artist Rated R makes his second UCARB appearance, this time for the sequel to The gRReen Tape tittled...The Greener Tape. On his last album the quality sounded rush, and there were certain parts to his flow that needed improvement. Rated R promptly addressed all critics by polishing his craft. The thing I really enjoyed about The Greener Tape, is that it stayed true to the theme presented by the gRReen Tape. Making sequels has been the popular thing of late, and honestly I'm not a fan of it. Most sequel albums don't even relate to the preceding album and rarely (in my opinion) does the sequel sound better. Though, Rated R is an exception. Both tapes carry a lot of the same wrestling themed samples and references, and both tapes presented R's ability to rap, and produce. Rated R delivered the perfect sequel to his first tape, and yet again his work goes unheard. I really hate it for artists like Rated R, because they work so hard on creating something they are proud of and it just doesn't reach as many people as it should. Rated R has the potential to be a really big underground artist. Proper promotion is needed for future releases, but otherwise The Greener Tape is what you need. Download The Greener Tape here


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