Saturday, December 21, 2013

Be Real by Real


     The much anticipated album by do it all rapper, Real. If you read the interview I had with the young artist then you know that he has no boundaries. He has loads of potential and now it's all about delivering. His first step to this deliverance is his latest album Be Real which released on December 17th. This album shows the many different styles in which Real possesses. He's an athlete, a writer, a poet, and a rapper. What's not to love?

     The beats on Be Real are actually really smooth. They all present a common theme which is nice to hear from an underground album. Most artists will try and just compile their songs with no common theme onto an album and it sounds a little sloppy. I've talked with Real many times and he really loves this project. He wants people to be able to get something out of it so that it's more than just another album. In regards to the theme presented within the beats, its a calm, slow, peaceful sound. If you played all the instrumentals it would come off as one project and I think that's how albums should be. I feel as if every piece of the album should sound cohesive, and Be Real definitely hits this nail on the head.

     Real doesn't have the best flow ever, but it works. On some songs it sounds like he's ahead of the beat or just off beat. This isn't every track but it is noticeable. That being said he still has a way to make it come together for a good sound. My favorite track is "Remember Me" I'm not sure what it is about this track, but I really enjoy it. Actually, that can be said for the whole album. I can't quite figure out what it is that makes this project sound so good, it just does, and that is the beauty of music. It doesn't need reasons for anything, it just clicks.

     The best way to go into the new year is with some headphones, and good music playing. Make sure this is the album you're listening to. It has some songs that you can ride to, some you can vibe to, and even some songs that you can sit and reflect to. Real gave us a great piece of work in Be Real. Lyrically, I would like to see improvements in his craft. He's only 19 so I don't doubt that these holes will be patched up upon his next release. In all it's a great cohesive tape that you'll find to really enjoy.

*Download Be Real here

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