Monday, November 18, 2013

In The Lab by Sheff's Kitchen

    Back at it, is the conscious rap group from the DMV, Sheff's Kitchen. The thing that Sheff's Kitchen presents most often, is something that a lot of Indie Hip-Hop artists struggle to do and that is be consistent. With Sheff's Kitchen what you see is generally what you get, though on this track while providing the same style of song, they pull a few new tricks with the formula. If you haven't listened to Sheff's Kitchen then this would be the song to start off with, it's one of their better tracks and shows how much they've grown in a short time span. I'm interested to see if the next album by SK is going to be a lot like their previous album or if they are going to go in a complete different direction. Only time will tell!

*Listen to In The Lab by Sheff's Kitchen here

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