Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fever Dream by Bliss Bomb

    Not the typical type of album you would expect to see here on the Under-Cover Album Review, but this album is too funky for me to not post! Bliss Bomb is a female fronted, ten piece band that is a blend of pop, funk, and jazz that brings new, edgy lyrics and hooks, to some thrilling rhythms and funky tunes. Fever Dream is described as a "jazz-pop safari through outer space" and honestly, that's not far off.

    It was the funky bass lines and sophisticated horns that truly caught my ear. This band is as funky as anyone and the music itself, lyrics aside, tells a story in itself. The chemistry you can not only hear but feel, is unreal and the sound that Bliss Bomb has is under appreciated by a lot of today's music listeners. My favorite example of the funky music that you find in Fever Dream, was on the track "Urban Grinding." Though the lyrical content is not for all ages, the groove the song has sure is. Anyone who listens to this will not be able to deny the fact that the music being played is outstanding!

    Female fronted bands are hit or miss with listeners these days. Though the talent level portrayed by the singers Bliss Bomb is very captivating, it sometimes takes away from the music behind the lyrics. That's not to say I'm not a fan of this band or album, I just feel that an overpowering presence of vocals is felt on a few songs while on other tracks like "Blowin' Smoke" the blend between vocals and music is ideal. The sound is already an extremely unique one without the lyrics so for some the female voices may throw them off even more, but if you stick with the album you will not be disappointed. It's an overall great piece of work.

    Fever Dream sounds like something meant to be played on a record player or something you would hear in a lively yet smokey club in the 60's. The innovation by Bliss Bomb is absolutely stunning  and there is no true comparison to this album, because there is nothing else like it! It's a great project so take advantage of the generosity by Bliss Bomb and support great music!

*Download Fever Dream here

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