Thursday, November 28, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Madison Jay

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hopefully you spend it with loved ones and create some memories! After you're done eating all that turkey, ham, stuffing and all the fix-ins do yourself a favor a download Trapped In The 90's pt.2 by Madison Jay. Jay has been featured on the site many times mainly because he is a great rapper. I wanted to give the listeners of his music a chance to get to know him better so here are a few questions and answers that should help you get to know him better while you listen to a great album!

*Download Trapped In The 90's pt. 2 here!

Q.) Introduce yourself ( name, birthplace, and label affiliates)
Madison Jay; Raleigh, NC; HGS

Q.) How long have you been making music?
10 years

Q.) What got you into rapping?
My brothers inspired me to rap. Knowing we could do what our hero's do.

Q.) If you weren't rapping, what would you be doing?
I'd be a wrestling commentator or basketball player
Q.) How was the response to your latest release, "Trapped in the 90's"?
the response was so warm and positive that I can only imagine what will be said about the 2nd volume of the series.

photo (8)Q.) What artists (of any genre) do you constantly listen to?
Nas, Jay-Z, Redman

Q.) How much does being from the south play into your music? Or is Birthplace irrelevant in rap these days?
I'm from the south but I'm influenced by cultures of all walks of life.

Q.) How is "Trapped in the 90's Part Two" going to take your name and brand to the next level?
Trapped 2 will set me apart even more lyrically from other artists as well as give people a glimpse of my new direction of sound.

Q.) Anything you'd like to tell the readers who have never heard of you?
for people who don't know me, it's never to late to start now. I love to rap and SOLELY just that: RAP! my entire catalog is creativity at its finest essence. Trapped In The 90's II drops November 28th.

Q.) Where can people hear your music and stay up to date with all things Madison Jay?
 Follow Me on Twitter @themadisonjay, Tumblr - HTTP://, or Google Search - Madison Jay.

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