Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Beauty In All/ Tangible Dream by Oddisee

    Leave it to Oddisee, the most innovative man in music, to release an instrumental album and a vocal mixtape on the same day and then sell it as a package deal.  The man is in prime form and he teeters on the barrier of being a household name, and the best kept secret underground and indie hip-hop has. The Beauty In All is the instrumental project and after the success of Oddisee's previous instrumentals, this one had huge expectations.

    Unlike most of Oddisee's beats, The Beauty In All has minimal live instruments. In fact, there is only a live horn section on one track and that's about all for the live recording
s on this album. When I saw that I was a litt
le let down but I knew this would still be an awesome project. Not to brag, but I was right. This project is absolutely flawless.  The thing about this instrumental is that Oddisee didn't make the beats for people, or even him to rap over, he made the beats as songs to be played and enjoy
ed just as they are. That is one thing I've always enjoyed about Oddisee's instrumentals, he can tell you a story without saying a single word on an entire track. The Beauty In All displays this extremely rare trait so eloquently and beautifully, that it truly gives you a new standard of what instrumental projects should sound like. When there is an album that doesn't have a single word on it, and it comes with a full length vocal mixtape, it made me worrisome on how Tangible Dream would be.

    Oddisee made something for everyone and in tangible dream he reminds everyone why he's your favorite emcee. Tangible Dream may be the album of the year and it's only a mixtape. The best part about this mixtape is that there is no one song that stands out of the crowd...because every song is amazing. It's not People Hear What They See amazing, but it brings out similar emotions that were felt while listening to PHWTS. "Yeezus Was A Mortal Man" is the lead single off Tangible Dream and for good reason. The beat isn't anything that will blow you away, but it's the lyrics that will have you replaying the song dozens of times over.

    In all, nothing can be said for Oddisee that hasn't been said already. He is the future and Mello Music Group is the only "MMG" I'll listen to because that is real, quality, conscious music. Get this album..enough said.

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