Friday, August 16, 2013

Leanin' ft. Jay Styles (Prod. by Cam Keyz)

Leanin' Ft. Jay Styles (Prod. Cam Keyz)
Cam Yeyz is an up and coming artist/producer from Delaware, and he's "turnt up' and leanin'". I really loved this song as a whole. The beat, the lyrics, the flow, the feature, the whole thing is a nice club rocker. It's got a nice bouncy beat with the synthesizer in the background steady through the whole song. The lyrics flow nice with the beat, on time through the whole song, and the feature on the song, Jay Styles comes through with a nice verse to end the song. Cam Keyz is coming as a rapper and a top notch producer and nobody is going to stop him.

*Check out Leanin' here 


Written by Dalton Thompson


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