Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Sosa Hawkins

For July, the Artist Spotlight is on North Carolina artist, Sosa Hawkins. Sosa Hawkins has a very unique style of southern hip-hop that I really enjoy, so get to know Sosa and check out his new mixtape here!

Introduce yourself to everyone.
My Name Is Sosa Hawkins I Was Born In Elizabeth City, NC and Raised In Raleigh, NC And I Make Down South Hip Hop Soul

 When did you get into music and who were your influences?
 I actually had love for music my whole life and have had an ear for it but i was so busy with sports i didn't actually try to make music until i was 16. My big cousin Romeo (Broadway Joe) influenced me a few years before i even took a crack at trying it myself. It started 1999, when i went to Ohio for the summer to go stay wit my fam and I could remember my cuz would come over my aunt crib and let me hear the songs that he did and i saw how connected he was to it, I wanted that for myself he used to tell me i could do it but i was like yeah whatever.
What was your latest release?
My latest release Is Old Schools & ThrowBacks, which was mostly produced by myself as well wit the exception of a track from Broadway Joe (track 5 Focused) and my homie ALT J Productions (track 2 Stop). I called it Old Schools & ThrowBacks because most of the beats were either sampled from sum old school joints or they got that vibe to them and i used a few throwback instrumentals as well. I also feel the title of the of the tape refers to my style as well, I see it like my style is old school in the sense that I'm spittin how i want to I don't approach the music with a formula or oh I'm gonna make a song for the ladies etc, i just go where the beats take me, and It's throwback because i feel as if I'm innovating like the MC's before me from the 80's And Early 90's, I just do me. This mixtape is just me sharing with the people my passion, my love, and my respect for hip hop while at the same time making it my own.
What do you have in your music, that separates you from other artists?
My perspective on life, my heart, my soul, my voice, my passion, my diversity and the type of word play that i use on top of all of that.
What is your ultimate goal with music?
My ultimate goal with music is to touch as many people with my gift as possible, continue to evolve with my sound and never become stagnant with my music

Why should people listen to your music?
People should listen to my music because I will never settle for mediocre, I will always give 100% and the best has yet to come
Where can we fhear/download your music?
People can hear/download my music at:
You can also download my app in the google play store just search Sosa Hawkins and I will be there

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