Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Beautiful Mind by Bobby Hagens

     I see Bobby Hagens all over twitter just trying to get his name out and get people to hear his music, and me as a self proclaimed "music-absorber" respect that to the fullest, and I'll admit when I first decided to download My Beautiful Mind by Bobby Hagens I was pretty skeptic. I probably had this album on my ipod for a good month before I really listened to it, and that is a big regret I have looking back. This album dropped 2/29/12 and as a debut release for Bobby I have to say its really good, especially when you consider that when this album was made he had about 8 months experience rapping. 8 months of rapping and he made a project like this? Yea, the future is looking pretty good for Bobby Hagens. Bobby is the front runner for Movado Music Group (MVG) and this was the first release the label had. The album to date has a little over 1400 downloads on datpiff, also Bobby was 22 when this album was released, the same age Blu was when he released his timeless classic Below the Heavens. Though this album is no Below the Heavens, I truly think this is a really solid debut album. My Beautiful Mind shows that Mr. Hagens has tons of potential and this album was definitely a preview of his future. Though not every song "moved" me, I'd say at least 12 of the 15 songs on this album did. On this album you will hear one of the coolest samples ever, the song is "A Rose in Berlin" and the chorus is a John Mayer sample! I'm a big Mayer fan and I think it takes a lot of skill to make a hip-hop song to a John Mayer sample, much respect to Devin Paige for making that insane beat. One of the most popular songs on this album is "Love of Lies" featuring fellow MVG artist Drew Reigns, and I personally think that the catchy chorus sang by Drew, overshadows just how good Bobby's verse is. I say that taking nothing away from Drew Reigns in that song, just saying that Bobby Hagens killed it on that specific track. A recurring theme in each song is love, and stories of love. I like this because the album is titled My Beautiful Mind, so this shows what's going on in Bobby's mind, and for a debut hip-hop album to have a concept is yet another reminder of the talent in his arsenal. I will say that on this next album I'd like to hear more diversity. Again this isn't taking anything AT ALL away from this album, but now we know he can write love songs, and good ones at that, I would just like to hear some more varied tracks on the next one. In conclusion, get this album, plain and simple. You are guaranteed to find a song you love and honestly its as solid as a debut album can be! MVG!

* Download My Beautiful Mind here & check out bobbyhagens.com
* Follow the whole MVG crew on twitter @BobbyHagens  @DrewReigns  @DevinPaigeII & @Gene_EdwardsMVG MVG is a classy label and do things right! Much success to them in the future!

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