Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mini Reviews #1

What's up everyone? I'm trying something new on this post, something called mini reviews. Here I want to share 3-5 albums on one page and instead of doing one full length review, I'll just give a short summary of my thoughts on the album. This will not be the new standard for my reviews, I'm just trying to show more really good albums to the public! Comment on what you think of the mini reviews and I hope you like them! (Click on the album title to download)


 The Other Instrumental is the most recent work from the indie hip-hop duo, The Other Guys. On this hidden gem you'll find remixes of older songs, and even some new unreleased tracks thrown in. I think this is a must have for all the true hip hop fans, tracks like, Lost Souls, make you remember why you love music so much. This is the kind of album that you put on during your daily commute, and just let it play and forget about your worries!

 I know what you're thinking, what does UBUNTU mean? It was described to me by Allen Poe himself as basically meaning "I am because we are, an individual is highly shaped and influenced by the greater community, so it is the individuals responsibility to improve the community." I really felt that when Jamming to this album. On UBUNTU I couldn't find a bad song on the entire album! Each song is real, and something to vibe too, Cold Out is my favorite song, but I really mean it when I say that this album has what every hip-hop-head needs...GOOD MUSIC!  @allen_poetik

Zero Heroes-XV
XV bust on to the rap scene with his huge hit, Awesome. Though I feel like the album Zero Heroes was covered by the shadow the single Awesome cast. The album as a whole is really awesome, and its almost like a playlist, because every song on the album is really solid. I think every person who enjoys hip-hop NEEDS to check this out, its one of the best secrets rap has. @XtotheV


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