Sunday, February 10, 2013

Battle Born by The Killers

        I personally believe that to consider yourself a true fan of music you must be open to just about any type of music. While indie hip-hop is my go to genre, every now and again there will be an album from a different genre that just blows me away and this pop-rock album from The Killers was that album! Most of the music that I hear is usually showed to me by my older brother, and without him giving me a copy of The Killers older CD, Hot Fuss, I would have never realized how good this band is. Even though The Killers are worldwide, I still feel that they are somewhat of an indie band because they are making music the way they want to, and they are making it right! Seriously this band is awesome, and just about ANYONE can jam to them, you may not be into the pop-rock genre, but you can't hate on great music!
        When I first bought this CD, I hadn't heard any of the songs on it. I really didn't know what to expect because in reality, The Killers are a weird band and you really don't know what to expect from them. I put it in, hit play, and I just remember the first 4 songs being so awesome and just absolutely incredible, then it seemed like all of the songs got worse as the album went on. I was really disappointed, but I've learned to never judge an album by the first impression. I continuously played it over and over for a matter of weeks and honestly every time I listen to it gets better, even to this day! I'm at the point with this album to where I believe that there isn't a bad song on it because every single one is freaking awesome! I can't even chose a favorite song off this album simply because every song is spectacular. I really recommend checking this one out, any person who says they listen to everything, should have no problem loving this album!

The Killers - Battle Born
Battle Born

*Get this album on itunes or visit the official site for The Killers HERE

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